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Universal Barndoor, ColorGel, Honeycomb Kit

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Universal Barndoor kit, ColorGel, HoneyComb Kit ( To fit Max 20cm Diameter Reflector )

The universal fit barn door has been created to fit to most standard reflector dishes. It has two locking nuts at the top that screw down to purchase onto the top of the existing reflector dish             (reflector dish not included in this kit ). The barn door set up is often found in the theatre but has been adopted by the photographers also because of its usefulness in controlling light. Using a barn door set attached to the front of the reflector of your light source will allow you to control the light cast on a subject. The more leaves on a barn door set and the longer the leaves are, the more the light 'beam' may be specifically controlled. Positioning of the leaves will determine the size of the light shaft. Light can be flagged down by the barn doors to avoid things like flare back into the camera lens. It can also be used to control where the shadows fall and maintain the ambience required.

The barn door kit also has x4 gels included to get you started down the creative lighting road: RED, GREEN, BLUE, and YELLOW. This item also comes with a honeycomb grid to channel the light into a narrower beam. There are lots of light modifying effects to be created with this item.