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The multipack 3x6m Vinyl Collection - White, Black and Grey all in one pack

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660GSM Non-Reflective White Vinyl Backdrop Size 10ft x 20ft

600GSM Non-Reflective Black Vinyl Backdrop Size 10ft x 20ft

600GSM Non-Reflective Grey Vinyl Backdrop Size 10ft x 20ft

Package Includes:
A White Vinyl, A black Vinyl and a Grey Vinyl all sized 10ft x 20ft 
(Aluminium Core Included)

This is so easy to use, just wash off dirt with a damp soapy sponge. Replace your seamless white paper forever, this is huge and will work great for full length studio photos. This is 3 meters in width and 6 meters in length, with a matt side for shooting and a textured non-slip surface on the other. These huge VINYL BACKDROPs are large enough to drop behind your subject and to wrap forward under your subject to create a complete head to toe solid seamless background. Perfect background for full body portraits or extra large stills. Perfect for front-lit or back-lit setups for multiple lighting effects. Total weight of backdrops 35 Kilo.

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