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Strobeam DL2 Kit with D4 Battery Pack Complete Kit 200W/s

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Strobeam DL2 Kit with D4 Battery Pack Complete Kit 200W/s

Strobeam  DL2 D4 Battery Pack Kit Includes:-  (1 ) 1 DL 2  200 Watt flash head (2) 1 parabolic reflector dish and diffused cap (3) 1  enhanced  DL 4 battery pack (4) 1 battery case and shoulder strap (5) 1 cable from battery to flash head (6) 1 cable from hot shoe to flash sync (7) 1 umbrella type bracket fixing flash head to lighting stand (8) 1 camera bracket  and flash gun mount (9) 4 Hours Fast Charger (10) Viewfinder On Camera Accessories Flash Modifier Adaptor

Back view  of flash gun

At the top and working down towards the bracket:

First is the battery warning light.

Lcd panel

Left of lcd panel is the sync socket for triggering devices pocket wizard ect

In the middle is the mode knob and increment and decrement if turned clockwise and anti clockwise

There is a test button and a slave on off button to the right of the mode knob

Photo cell light above mode knob for triggering from other flash gun

Left side ( as if looking at back )

3pin socket for flash to battery cable

Right side ( as if looking from back )

Locking screw for light modifier attatchments



Flash bulb

Parabolic dish + diffusing cap


Modes can be moved between by pushing the mode knob in like a button. There are 5 modes to access by pushing the mode knob.

The mode that was last used will be the mode that comes up when you turn the flash on.

If your not already on manuel  mode ( top left of lcd should say manuel ) then push the mode knob in until you navigate to it.

Here you will see the power output . This ranges from 1/1 to 1/64 power output. Between 1/1 and 1/2 there is one  incremental step you can decrease/increase power by. From 1/2 to  1/64 there are 3 incremental steps  you can decrease/increase power by allowing exact exposure  increase or decrease control.

There are 2 ways of monitoring  the recharge. On the top left  of the led  is a series of blocks. When all 7 are showing  you will see a flash icon with an ok next  to it charge is then  full and ready. On the  top right side of the led the is a sound icon with an x through it and one without. Which ever is set will be showing here. If showing sound icon without the x through you will hear a beep when recharge is full and awaiting next  use. If the sound icon is not on you will need to refer to the 7 blocks  and the ok on the other side of the display as mentioned above.


The next mode is Quick mode (  left of lcd should say Quick with one flash icon and cont next to it )


In this mode the flash gun will fire a series of continuos flashes which can be set to either 5 or 15 .


The next mode is Quick mode ( left of lcd should say quick with  three flash icons and multi next to it )

In this mode the power output of the quick mode as seen above can set. The powere setting are 1/16, 1/32, 1/64. So for example if you have set the continuous flash to 5 in the Quick mode you can set the power output of the 5 flashes to a 1/64 in this mode.


The next mode is Slow mode ( left of the lcd should say slow with a flash icon in a circle and flash icon next to it)

In this mode the slave cell is activated and works as a smart slave so that it will synchronise with the flash triggered by the camera with no time delay.


In the 5th mode nothing appears to the left of the led and there will be no power output numbers. If you turn the mode knob you will be able to set the beep function too on of off. Check the sound icon in the top right of the led to see which is selected.



The enhanced battery pack that comes with the dl24 kit has 2 terminals for flash heads. These can be used by x1 or x2 200watt strobeam  heads. Fully charged the battery pack will give approximately 800 flashes on full power with a recycle time of 1.8 seconds.

The battery pack has also been designed to be used with your existing  Nikon and Canon flashguns. So for Nikon you can use a SB900 or SB800. For a Canon you can use a 580EX or 550EX. The pack will recharge these flashguns up to x 4 times faster than the standard AA batteries making recycle times of 1.8 seconds  for rapid shooting.

The battery pack has an adapter for recharging it from the mains and takes 4 hours to fully re-charge. The battery pack has a detachable battery section that can be replaced with an additional section allowing for x2 the amount of power without having to buy another whole battery pack.

The battery is small and portable enough to wear on the provided  shoulder strap for many hours .