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Strobeam DL D4 Battery Pack for Canon/Nikon Speedlite and Strobeam EID 500 Flash Head

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Strobeam DL D4 Battery Pack for Canon or Nikon Speedlite and Strobeam EID 500 Flash Head

Get quicker recycle and longer shooting time with the Strobeam Battery Pack.

The enhanced battery pack has 2 terminals for flash heads. These can be used by x1 or x2 400watt Strobeam heads. If you use x2 it will remain at 400watts each channel. Fully charged the battery pack will give approximately 700 flashes on full power with a recycle time of 1.9 seconds using 1 head.

The battery pack has also been designed to be used with your existing Nikon and Canon flashguns. So for Nikon you can use a SB900 or SB800. For a Canon you can use a 580EX or 550EX. The pack will recharge these flashguns up to 4 times faster than standard AA batteries making recycle times of 1.8 seconds for rapid shooting.

> The battery pack has an adapter for recharging it from the mains and takes 4hours to fully re-charge
> The battery pack has a detachable battery section that can be replaced with an additional section allowing for 2 times the amount of power without having to buy another whole battery pack
> The battery is small and portable enough to wear on the provided  shoulder strap for many hours

*Note: D4 Battery Pack, unlike almost all other Battery Packs, this pack can provide full power to 2 flash heads at the same time. Most other packs will split the power 50/50 or 30/70*