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Strip lite 20x180cm Deep Recessed Soft box with 3 Diffusers

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A softbox is used to increase the apparent size of a given light source. It does this by diffusing the light source through several diffusion panels within a reflecting enclosure. By increasing the size of the light source, you soften the light and give it a wraparound quality and reduce harsh shadows, which is ideal for portraits. Softboxes are also used in many other types of photography including product photography.

Striplight softboxes can be used in portrait and product photography. In portrait photography, they are ideal for lighting full length portraits. They are frequently used either side of the model to provide even all round lighting or dramatic side lighting.

They are also popular in product photography for their ability to control highlights on reflective materials.

This softbox comes with 3 removable diffusion panels, enabling you to alter the softness of the light depending on your requirements. Also included, is a honeycomb grid, which when fitted to the front of the softbox will further control the spill of light, creating a pleasing falloff of light.

This softbox is available in many fittings including Bowens Esprit, Elinchrom, Courtenay, Aurora, Broncolor Impact, Broncolor Puls, Balcar, Hensel, Multiblitz Profilux and Multiblitz Varilux.