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Speedlite Hot Shoe Mount Bracket with Tripod thread Mount

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Hot Shoe Mount Speedlite Bracket with Ball Head & Tripod Mount

The hot shoe goes into the bottom of the bracket and your flash gun goes into the top and is locked down with the collar on the flash gun. The bracket has a ball and socket mechanism similar to most tripods and functions in the same way. Once you have located the bracket to the hotshoe you have two other locking screws. One is to allow you to lock the rotation you require around the full 360 degree. The other locking screw is to secure the position of the umbrella should you have inserted one into the provided hole.

This bracket is very useful for quickly gaining the exact position that you want to place your flashgun or video light in. The bracket is metal which means its hard wearing and capable of locking your items in place without them slowly sliding out of position - ideal for flashguns with attachments.