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Speedlite Diffusion Globe

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 Diffuser Dome

The diffuser dome is part of the popular speed light accessories kit but can be bought individually.

The dome is an excellent accessory for providing soft light in a hectic environment. If for instance you are a wedding photographer and you have to move quickly around a crowded building and then outside. You don’t have time to collapse and set up over and over again. The dome once it is on a stand is easy to just pick up and move without clipping doors and generally getting in the way of people. Once outdoors because of the domes shape it does not catch the wind and blow over easily as an umbrella.

The light that it gives out is an even ball of light, so ideal for bringing down potential shadows in group shots or large areas. The other big advantage is that it can be used on a camera mounted flash gun as well as a stand so if you really don’t have any space or time the dome will deliver usable fast soft light.

By simply putting the supplied rubber band onto your flashgun the accessories clamp onto the flash with a Velcro strap for quick fitting and removal.

With this kit you will now be able to soften and direct light from your flashgun with all the control, versitility, and freedom that you could want.



Choose from the list for your flash gun

Fitting A

SKU 5074: 69x47mm

Canon 580EX/EXII/540EX, Nikon SB900/SB26, Metz 40MZ2/54MZ3, Sigma EF-500DG Super, ST Sunpak 2000DZ/266D/MZ440AF, Vivitar 2500/273/3500/850AF, Sony HVL F42AM


Fitting B

SKU 5075: 57x34mm

Canon 430EX/420EX/380EX/430EZ, Nikon SB600/SB800/SB80DX/SB28/SB25, Minolta 5600hs/5400xihx/5200i/3600, Olympus FL-40/50/G40, Sony HVL-F1000/HVL-F32X, Nissin 360TW/360TXP/PZ400-C-N-M

There is a flexible opening to insert your flash which is bigger than the final cavity size.

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    Does what it says on the tin!

    Posted by Unknown on 4th Dec 2013

    Bought this to diffuse my 'bare-bulb' flash heads to soften the light.

    After a little adapting (my flashes are not current so the fitting is not perfect) it fits over the flash tubes & gives a nice soft even illumination.
    Great little accessory @ a good price from a great supplier