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Pro Secured Heavy Duty Background Support Stand

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New Pro Secured Heavy Duty Background Support Stand kit with 35mm Diameter Pole size

Heavy Duty Background Support Stand Kit

The heavy duty support stand kit is a versatile heavy duty light stand that extends to 12 feet.
BackDrop Pole
Extends to 12 feet. Easy secured clip lock
The Heavy duty support stand kit BackDrop Support Kit includes our new BackDrop Pole, two LiteStands, and a rugged carry bag to hold the whole kit. Shoot with confidence with this strong, stable outfit.

The BackDrop Pole is a 4 crossbar-unit with that constructs easily with a clip lock and add crossbar to extend each section and another lock in place. The Pole stores collapsed at 91cm. The Pole extends to 12'.

This kit comes with its own durable carry bag.

 Stable LiteStands for secure setup
    * LiteStands extend to 3mt'
    * LiteStand height allows for long backdrops and low angle shooting
    * BackDrop Pole is easy to extend and compress
    * BackDrop Pole extends to 12'
    * Easy to setup and teardown

Viewfinder Photography BackDrops are a valuable scenic addition to any studio or location.
ProDuty BackDrop Support Kit

      2 - LiteStands
    *          Sections                - 2
    *          Height                  - 3mt
    *          Weight                 - 5kg
    *          Closed Length       - 110cm
    *          Leg Spread           - 3'5" (108cm)
    *          Maximum Load      - 40 lbs (18kg)

      1 - BackDrop Pole

    *          Open Length Max   - 11' 8" (364cm)
    *          Open Length Min   - 5'9" (182cm)
    *          Closed Length       - 4' x 91cm

      Carry Bag

Viewfinder Photography has various solid colourMottledCanvasPaper & Vinyl colour BackDrops available in a selection of sizes available for this system