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Pro Light Panel Kit with Ballhead 5 Panels 150x100cm

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Pro Litepanel Kit with Ballhead 5panels 150cmx200cm

  • The whole kit comes in a convenient back that makes it easy to transport around with you.
  • A black panel to block or absorb light
  • A white panel to fill in shadows
  • A silver panel for contrasty light or specula high lights
  • A gold panel for warming subjects like skin or golden healthy appearance

One of the most common accessories for photography video and filming is the humble reflector. They are great if you need more lights but don't have any They provide a quick solution for controlling exposure on your subjects by "filling" in areas of unwanted shadow, or by providing a secondary source of reflected light. Because its reflected light can be made softer and diffused, offering more flattering results with portraits for instance. The pro multi panel can be easily assembled and it is a free standing device ( if purchased with a stand ) so no assistant is needed to hold the panel in place. The kit comes with a ball and socket bracket, 2 double sided panels gold/silver and black/white and one translucent panel x4 rods and a carrying bag One assembled the pro multi panel is a joy to use easily move the panel to the exact spot you want with its ball and socket bracket. Easily move it around because it's so light. Easily change the feel of the subject by its many light enhancing properties. We've even included a purpose made carrying case to encourage you to go out on location and add a pro feel to your lighting skills