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Pro 80 LED Video light with Filters

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Twin Digital 80w video light, lightweight but powerful light designed to be used either on or off the camcorder.

Power control switch enables one or both lamps to be on.

Kit includes:
1. 1 x Twins Digi pro80 LED Video Light
2. 2 x Li-Ion Battery 7.2V 14.4Wh
3. 1 x AC Charger Adapter
4. 1 x Video Bracket S
5. 1 x Operating Manual
6. 1 x Warranty Card



    * 2 Individually switched HIGH POWER 5600K LED's
    * 1/2 and full power selection
    * Full power = 440 LUX @ 1m
    * Beam angle = 45 degrees (2 m width @ 2 m distance)
    * Current regulated circuit assures rock solid brightness and color temperature as battery discharges
    * Includes rear mounted NP-F770 Li-ion battery
      for 2 hr of full power operation
    * Accepts NP-F750 and NP-770 Li-ion batteries
    * Built-in flip down diffuser and 3200k balancing filter
    * Standard shoe mount
    * Dimensions 1.75" w x 3.5" h x 2.5" deep
    * Weight with NP-550 battery = 11 oz

Our Pro80 on-camera battery powered LED video light is perfect for lighting interview subjects and other close-up work. This light has excellent fill light brightness, compact lightweight design, perfect daylight matched color.

    The standard NP-770 interchangeable battery pack allows for extended operation with larger capacity batteries and/or additional backup batteries. Unlimited operation can be achieved with multiple chargers and spare batteries.

    The 50% and 100% brightness control allows for a greater range of working distance and light balancing. Recommended working distance 3 -12 feet. The diffuser softens the edge of the light and the color correction lowers the color temperature to 4000K with intensity reduction of 2 f-stops.

    If your camera lacks a standard accessory shoe mount, as many small camcorders do, you can purchase our accessory bracket.