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Location Lighting Kit review in Advanced Photographer Magazine

Location Lighting Kit review in Advanced Photographer Magazine

20th Jan 2011

The EID500 Location Lighting Kit has been reviewed in the new Advanced Photographer Magazine.

It received a very good Score of 88/100

The Verdict

A compact flash outfit that's at home in the studio and on location.

This is a genuinely superb flash kit that is easy to get accustomed to using. The main benefits of using studio flash outdoors over camera flashguns are the higher power and faster recycle times.

As someone who regularly uses flashguns for location lighting, would I be tempted to buy this kit? I'm definitely interested, but mainly as I'd want to use the extra power from the strobes with full sized softboxes, all of which is going to end up making my kit very bulky.

While testing the kit I liked using the single strobe set up with additional radio triggered flashguns to add fill-in and background lighting. By using the single strobe I had fewer worries about the reach of the cables, which can be a bit of a problem when using two.

Overall handling is very good and the rear control panel is clearly laid out. The LCD information panel is worth a special mention for its excellent legibility. Keen strobists should definitely consider the battery pack as a hugely superior power source to AA batteries, so if you regularly find yourself using Speedlite type flashguns at full power and suffering from slow recycle times then the Strobeam unit could be just the solution you've been waiting for.

See the full article in Issue 2 of  Advanced Photographer