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New Flash Bracket for Speedlite Fitting

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Flash Bracket for mounting a flash gun onto a lighting stand.

product Details:  Bracket with umbrella holder for flashguns
Use your dedicated flashgun to bounce light into/through studio umbrellas
Bracket with umbrella holder for flashguns

This handy adaptor will allow you to use studio accessories like umbrellas. The bottom part of the adaptor will fit any stands

You can use translucent umbrellas to shoot through, or silver/gold umbrellas to bounce light. Both techniques give beautifully soft and diffused light, which is especially flattering (and professional looking) for portraits.

Speedlite bracket

These are popular item amongst the strobist community.
They attach the flash gun to the spigot mount on top of a lighting stand or spigot clamp (sold separately by viewfinder photography on this site).

The bracket is made of durable nylon moulding. There is a ratchet mechanism inside the joint ensuring a strong lock down once you have positioned the bracket and screwed in the locking nut.

This mechanism and the quality of the materials we use are important if you have a large flash gun with accessories attached to it because sometimes the collective weight can cause inferior brackets to drop out of position. The bracket comes with a hole for the positioning of a brolly.