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Coreflash Pro Beauty Kit CF-D300

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This purpose built kit consist of a single Coreflash CF-D300 studio head, support stand, wireless trigger and a 42cm Silver finished beauty dish.

Light comes  in two different varieties either hard naked light as a bare light bulb or spot light or soft as the light on a cloudy day or light shining through a translucent fabric. The beauty dish seeks to be somewhere in between those two extremes. For this reason if you already have hard and soft light sources the beauty dish is a good option for another quality of light. It's got its name because of its popularity with fashion and beauty style photographs. The quality of light is hard enough to create a solid black in the shadow details but soft enough not to be too harsh on the skin tone as say a spot light or straight reflector dish. The beauty dish achieves this by placing a dome at its centre that the light source hits and bounces back off then being spun around the parabolic dish before being  propelled forward towards the subject.

Softlite Reflector size 42cm with a silver coating inside

The stand has a maximum height of 2.5 meters and is spring loaded for the safety of your equipment.

Ac-4CH XB Series Radio Wireless Trigger Kit


Coreflash CF-D300

Stored Energy
Guide number (m/100 ISO) GN55
Recycle time to full power (240v)
0.4-1.8 sec
 Flash Duration
Flash Power Variation
Stepless Power Variation
1/32, 1/16, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 1/1
User Replaceable Flash Tube
Yes ( 3plug Flash tube Pull Plug )
Recommended Modelling Lamp
Model Lamp Variability
Full/ Proportion Variable
Colour Temperature
Voltage Stabilisation
220V`240V 50HZ
Flash Inhibit Circuit 220V`240V 50HZ
Ready Light Indication Ready Charge LED(Red Off) /BUZZER
Audible Recharge Confirmation
Yes Green Led
IR Remote Control
 Infra-red trigger/flash sync/Sync Cord/test button
Reflector Mount
S Type Bayonet Fitting
Operating Voltage
220V`240V 50HZ
Sync Voltage
Built in Slave Cell
Yes ( on/off )
Switchable Slave Cell
Circuit Protection
Yes Thermal cut-off capacitor
Flash angle