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Coreflash Kit 5 CF-D300 3HEAD STUDIO KIT with Bowens S-fit

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Coreflash CF-D300 3head studio lighting kit




The Coreflash CF-D300 is a versatile and robust light from Viewfinder Photography.
With features and build quality comparible to more expensive "Brand" lights the D300 is an excellent light for newcomers and professionals alike.
We have a range of kits available for different budgets and lighting requirements, or tailor made kits are available if needed by ringing our sales line.
The kits are designed as an all-in-one studio setup that can be built upon but can also be added to a prexisting setup.

Umbrellas may vary slightly from the describtion depending on available stock.

Lighting equipment is supplied with a 1 year warranty.

Please be aware that flash tubes and modeling lamps are NOT covered under warranty.

Affordable Studio Lighting kits

Main Features

1. User Changeable 3plug Flash Tube

2. Fan-cooled

3. Fast Recycle time

4. Aluminium Dycast Housing

Flash Type: Coreflash CF-D300
Flash Output: 300w
Accessory Fitting: S-Type Bayonet
Guide Number: GN55
AC Voltage: 220V,240V,50HZ
Color Temp.: 5200K}100K,5600K}200k
Flash duration(t=0.5s): 1/700~1/1750
Thermal cut-off capacitor: Yes
Flash angle: 55‹
Flash Output Range: 1/32-Full
Recycling Time: 0.4-1.5 sec
Modeling Lamp: 150W Halogen
Ready Charge LED(Red Off) /BUZZER
Over Temperature Warning: O.T(Green LED) Blinking
Flash Trigger Method: Infra-red trigger/flash sync/Sync Cord/test button
Mode for modelling lamp: 1.Off 2.Proportional 3.Full
Power Dump: Yes
Cooling fan: yes
Sync. Voltage: DC 7V



Package Includes:


1. 3 x Coreflash D300
2. 2 x Steel Lighting Stands (2.5m max height)
3. 1 x Spill Kill Reflectors
4. 1 x 
5. 1 x 95cm Octa Softbox
6. 1 x 60x90cm Strip Softbox
7. 1 x Lighting Carry Case


8. 1 x Standard Professional Heavy Duty Boom Stand Kit


 (actual supplied case/stands depends on availabilty)


 9. 1 x AC 4ch Radio Wireless Flash Trigger Kit
10. Sync cables, Mains Cables and Bulbs