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Cononmk 50 T mini

0116 2760000

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CMK 50Tmini

Cononmark 50Tmini HSS TTL  Battery-powered monolight 

Power: 500ws
Voltage: 14.8V
Color Temperature: 5500K±100k
Dimension: 98*105*218mm
Weight: 1.48 kg
Power adjust range: 1/1-1/128 support 1/8000s HSS
Power range: 4ws -500ws 8 stages
TTL Mode: Auto HSS
TTL Compatibility: Auto identity Canon ,Nikon, Sony cameras
1/8000s HSS: Auto identity Canon ,Nikon, Sony cameras
Wireless Range: 40m
Recycling Time: 0.2s-1.8s
LED modeling light: 1500LM 5300K
GN (48° reflector ): 56GN
Flash duration (t0.5): 1/1-1/128
Product Description


1. 500ws portable outdoor battery powered flash 

2. operates in two modes : Strobe and continuous shooting models

3.  Provides TTL and HSS functionality

4. Independent control of individual groups and channels

5. TTL and manual modes can be used at the same time

6. Compatible with Canon/Nikon/ Sony  flash shoes

7. Wireless TTL with Integrated 2.4GHz Wireless Control

8. LED modeling lamp , 1500LM 5300K.