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Conical Spot With Gobos & Color Gels

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0824- 4E
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Large Conical Spotlight with 4 Gobos, round Ciruclar mask in 4size & 5 Color Gels


The conical spotlight is designed to produce a hard edged spot of light on you subject. A type of light you may have seen in the theatre. The light can be focused into a hard edged spot at a variety of distances due to its focusing ability via the sliding lens. The light also doubles as a gobo – go between optics so that plates/masks can be positioned into the chamber and their shapes projected onto a surface. An example of this may be a key hole a love heart a window panel etc.

Very soldidly made all metal Spot snoot set.
Weighs 3.5lbs
2 optical glass Lenses.
Front lens is adjustable to focus the light beam.
Interchangable speedring adapter
Includes metal Gobo holder, 10 metal Gobos

4 colour gel filters and ND filter.