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Chroma Blue/Green Velvet type Collapsible Background 200 x 240cm with Train

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Non reflective Velvet type material. These backgrounds are ideal for event and portrait photography. For Event Photography, they can be used as a standard Black background and will give you more working space due to the non reflective material as you can place the subject nearer to the background. Using this background for portraits give you the option of Low Key photos using the Black Background. Because it can be used free standing it is ideal where space is at a shortage, i.e. in the Clients home. Because of the non reflective material, it is much easier to light than a comparable Muslin, Vinyl or Nylon Background. The Background can be used with a Support System or used alone as it is self supporting. Available in3 sizes 2m x 1.5 and 2.4m x 2m without train and 2.4m x 2m with train and Black or double sided Chroma Key Green and Blue.