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CF-D455 Digital Cool Fluorescent Tube Lighting Head

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CF-D455 Digital Cool Flourcent Tube Lighting Head

Technical Specifications:

" Equivalent to 1000 watts of soft light
" Virtually no heat , draws just 220 watts
" Four 55 watt biax lamps
" Voltage: 100-240v, AC, 50/60hz
" Bank-selectable 0, 2 or 4 lamps on / off
" High CRI > 92
" Free lamps 3000K or 5400K
" Four way barndoors
" Removable reflectors on barndoors
" 10,000 hour lamp life
" Fused with spare fuse in socket
" Removable 10 foot power cord
" Built-in handle
" Horizontal or vertical mounting
" Size:
" Weight:

The CF-D455 is the perfect light for location video work. Its small size, light weight, built in handle and high output give it the punch of a 1000 watt softbox without the setup and tear down hassles. Dual mounts offer the flexibility of mounting the CF-D455 either horizontally or vertically giving you a choice of beam spreads. The light weight mounts also eliminate the additional weight and size of a traditional yoke.
The fuse is integrated into the AC jack and includes a spare so that you are never inconvenienced by blown

Simplicity is the key word when describing the Fotodiox T-Series Slim Lights. From product photography to video need, the Fotodiox Slim Lights provide subtle consistent lighting that photographers and videographers desire. With a silver reflective surface and adjustable barndoors, the output is soft yet powerful. The T-Series Slim Lights offers a bright output without the heat or energy associated with hot lights.

All T-Series lights carry a high capacity ballast to ensure flicker-free operation. Individual Bank Control (one switch for every 2 bulbs) is used to control output intensity without risky dimming. The bulbs can remain in the fixture during transport so that they are ready to go as soon as they get power to them. Simply attach the fixture to its stand, adjust the barndoors, and turn them on. The T-Series lights also offer a tripod mount track on all four sides, combine this with their full tilt ability to put light where it is needed most. The T-Series 4-Bank Slim Light consists of four flourescent bulbs running in opposite directions of each other, a peened silver interior lining, and a smooth silver barndoor lining.


„h  Lighted On/Off Power Switch

„h  Individual Bank Control

„h  High Capacity Ballast

„h  Easy Carrying Handle

„h  Ventilated Design

„h  Full Tilt and Rotatable Track

„h  Reflective Silver Lining and Barndoors