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Studio Kit

Viewfinder has a vast range of Studio Accessories and essentials to help you perfect your Photography. Our Lighting Modifiers & Reflectors include Beauty Dish, Honey Comb, Barn Door, Diffuser Panel. Most of our products have Interchangeable Adaptors for Bowens, Elinchrom, Hensel, Impact, Broncolor, Speedotron, Courteney, Balcar, Varilux, Profilux. We have Lighting Head Stands which can also be used for any equipment with a spigot fitting. For Commercial and Product Photography our superb products include various types of Wind Machine, Lighting Table for product shooting and Light Tent. Position your models with Innovative Posing Stools, and reduce clutter with Professional Boom Stands. Our range of Carrying Cases and Bags help you travel easier. Laminators and Cutters Trim and present your prints.

Please be sure to browse our Brackets, Clamps and Spigots section for a host of helpful accessories.