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Bowens S type Reflector with 4 Honeycomb Grids

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Set of 4 Honey Comb kit with

S type Bayonet fitting Reflector 18cm Diameter

Honey comb 10,20,30,40  Degree & 18cm Reflector Diameter

The reflector dish is the first item that is required with a studio head. Without it the light from the naked flash tube would spill out in all directions making controlling the lighting impossible. The reflector dish does nothing to soften the light but does control the direction the light may take so its a good means of getting hard light ( not softened by light modifiers ) in the direction you want it.

It’s best to describe it as a spot light so think of it as producing a revealing harsher quality of light of directional lighting. The x4 honeycombs (worth the asking price alone ) allow you to take this hard light effect and tunnel in the spread of the beam  by varying degrees. From the widest  40 degrees down to the narrowest of 10 degrees. This will make the precise size of the area of hard light you want achievable. 

Please check for correct flash head fitting this item is S Type bayonet BowensFit