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Viewfinder Photography Launches new Pro Series Vinyl Backdrop

Viewfinder Photography Launches new Pro Series Vinyl Backdrop

Posted by Garry Tyler on 12th Aug 2014

So we thought it was about time we launched a new vinyl onto the market.

Our new design a triple layered Vinyl/Canvas backdrop, it is a first of its kind it has been specially designed by the photographer for the photographer to provide you with the perfect robust seamless backdrop, that is as easy to light as paper, as durable as cloth and robust as a stage.

Firstly the vinyl is mixed with the colours providing a fade proof finish, this is then produced at the required size giving a smooth base, this smooth base of vinyl is then twice coated firstly with a canvas treatment giving the material strength and texture, this is then coated again with a second layer of vinyl sandwiching the canvas treatment to create a wipe clean surface that is super durable.


Shot at the Photovision Roadshows at Windsor Racecourse with model Amy Jadee.

So set up in a roughly 3mx3m studio shooting on a wireless tether in jpeg, so not really tweaked much out of camera.
I had a lot of different ambient light sources as well as a lot of open window space, this meant I had to keep my ISO low (100) and my aperture pretty tight ƒ9-11 to remove all ambient light from the scene so I could really show the power of the studio lighting.
This image was created using a very simple 2 light set up against the viewfinder black vinyl backdrop.
Shooting in a limited space and using 300W/s lights at these setting meant i needed to run the lights at just over half power, nothing too challenging for the Coreflash CF D-300, but due to limits in spacing it meant that I had to rely on the light absorbing power of the black vinyl backdrop.
With my main light firing just over the right shoulder and a 70cm silver softlite reflector on, with no grid to keep that softlight look, also as I knew the quality of the background I was not too worried about light falling over Amy's shoulder onto the background. I used a single backlight with a gridded softbox on to step Amy away from the background, the grid on this meant that even in the tight space I could really control that light onto the subject without risk of it flaring into the lens.
To liven this simple image up I added the spot wind machine positioned just under amy's chin height and underneath my main light to give me the lift in the hair that was required.
Kit used in shot
From the view finder Range
~ Camera Grip Double mount Strap
~ 2 head Coreflash CF D300 studio lighting kit
~ 70cm Silver SOftlight reflector
~ 60x90cm Gridded quick assemble softbox
~ Spot Wind machine (with additional support stand)
~ 3x6m Pro Black Vinyl
~ Heavy Duty Background support system

~FSK2,4Ghz wireless trigger system

~ Canon EOS 100D + 24-105mm L ƒ4 + eye-fi SD card (not available at viewfinder)

This image was shot Photovision Roadshows in Derby using a 3 head lighting kit, again the Coreflash CF D300 kit had no problem dealing with the massive influx of ambient and artificial lighting. Our studio was set up at Donnington Park Race Track.

i was running my lights at approx 2/3 power and still managing to get ƒ8-11 throughout the day, this allowed me to shoot at 100 ISO and remove all other light sources from the scene.
The image shown of our model Nicola Jayne was shot using 2 softboxes to create that rim lighting effect, the main light was then set up with a 42cm white softlite reflector dish. With the addition of the spot wind machine to give the volume on the hair and a 80cm silver reflector to help punch up the shadows.

Kit used:
~60 x 90cm Quick assemble Softbox
~60 x 60cm Deep recesses Softbox
~42cm White softlite reflector
~3 head Coreflash CF - D300 kit
~Pro series 750gsm Black vinyl
~Spot wind machine
~Tri-reflector stand
~80cm silver/white reflector
~FSK2,4Ghz wireless trigger system

~ Canon EOS 100D + 24-105mm L ƒ4 + eye-fi SD card (not available at viewfinder)

All in all I found the quality of the backdrops fantastic, there ability to disperse light evenly, the non reflective properties, the extra strength of the vinyl, all combined with a very simple system to use on location or install in the studio these backgrounds will endeavour to give your photography the professional finish.