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Shooting Shows 'Photohub' with the Guild

Posted by Garry Tyler on 19th Nov 2015

With Christmas upon us show time for the camera industry starts to slow down. Just enough time for another local show before we renew the displays for 2016.

The Photohub with The Guild of Photographers.

So this being a local show at the Hinkley Island Hotel (20 mins drive away). 

With the setting to this show being so local I expected to see plenty of old faces and have plenty of chats with old clients.

Well I was right, it was nice to see many of the attendees out of our showroom, to talk them through shots with our model, and discuss the new ranges and brands like Broncolor, and new products like our wrinkle free materials that we now sell.

Along side seeing lots of familiar faces was the chance to meet plenty of new faces, show them the products we have, and the products that made Viewfinder what it is today.

With our massive range of clamps, brackets, stands, lighting, backdrops we certainly impressed the show's attendees, making some great sales on the day and already getting a very positive response from the post show call backs.

To top off our small retail section of our stand at the Photohub, we included a ready made studio space and with model Casey Llewellyn-Johnson modeling for us.


Casey fitted in with laid back relaxed attitude the show had to offer, allowing the attendees to try some of the lighting, backdrops and modifiers out to see if they do produce the expected results.

This little sample was shot by Garry Tyler using a 3 head Coreflash kit, with the 42cm silver beauty dish, coupled with 2 rim lights using the grids to flag them down

This allowed Garry to create background separation from our model Casey, also giving the fluffy hood a beautiful rim.

The beauty dish then pushed up towards the butterfly position and feathered back out using a silver reflector under the chin to soften the shadows down. The scene here was shot against our wrinkle backdrop the fleece like texture of our backdrop material, meant that lighting this image with ambient light spilling in from every corner of the room was still very straight forward and made simple.

With great attendees and good sales this show could only be made better by the attitude of the traders and speakers covering a massive range of subjects and techniques ensure that all had something to gain from the event. 

Along side the team from the guild of photographers could not have been more helpful, with assistance at every step of the way and great food to keep us all going, this event had been arranged perfectly to allow everyone to enjoy it.