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Bubbles,Balloons and Sweeties

Posted by Garry Tyler on 18th Jun 2015

Open day at the Viewfinder Showroom

On Saturday 20th June Viewfinder Photography will be hosting an open day, from 10am until 5pm our doors will be open for you to come and check out some of our kit

Siros 800S

We shall have attending our open day our stunning model Valentina, all made up ready for you to try out any of our products from the ranges on display. Chris Burfoot from Broncolor shall also be attending this event packing the new Broncolor Siros for demonstrations.

Vinyl Studio backdops

In our line up of products we have a massive range of studio and lighting accessories from boom stands to speedlight modifiers, backdrops and continuous lighting, LED panels and studio flash heads.
All your studio and lighting requirements under one roof.  

Why not pop down and see what we have to offer you, on the day we will be offering teas, coffees, biscuits and sweets. We have a fantastic range of themes for you with a few cheeky little props so that you can try our kit and capture something different.

Check out the speed grabbing flash heads from Broncolor with our bubble props, look at colour accuracy with our range of brightly coloured sweets, capture the detail in our models themed makeup with the power of the Siros heads. 

Take Advantage of Show Day Deals

On the day we will be offer a range of discounts on selected products, our open day will be held at the Viewfinder Showroom

Viewfinder Photography 

131 Barkby Rd 



From 10am until 5pm pop in and speak to our lighting techs about your requirements, find out what tools would suit your workflow best.

Look forward to seeing you all there!!!