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Broncolor Siros added to the line up

Broncolor Siros added to the line up

Posted by Garry Tyler on 8th Jun 2015

The New Broncolor line up available at Viewfinder Photography

Since the launch of the Siros flash system from broncolor at Photokina last year, we have been keen to get our hands on them. Well finally now we have had a chance to see the beast in in action.  With Broncolor wireless system and hypersync mode the Broncolor Siros is packed with technology.

Broncolor Siros 800S

Broncolor Siros is available in a range of models from the basic model to the high end S model. The S version will have much lower power settings (2W/s from 6.5 Ws on the 400 model and 4W/sfrom 13 Ws on the 800) as well as the option of flash sequences. In addition to that, Broncolor has incorporated the power of HyperSync into Siros, allowing for shutter speed up to 1/ you the photographer the ability to speed up the studio and still offer the required power of light. These sort of functions becomes an absolute must when working with high speed subjects such as moving liquids or whipping hair.

Broncolor Para 88

Along with new lights which are always fun to play with, we have the advantage of now having the Broncolor light shapers available to us, with standard modifiers and softboxes, the extensive light shaping tools from Broncolor include the Para range, with the Para 88 offering both affordability along side quality of light and product, featuring a focusable head the para is able to offer a soft or hard direct light source, with beautiful wrap around qualities.

The Siros head combined with the Para and coupled with the Move 1200L makes the Broncolor Siros head capable of offering the scoro power out on location. Delivering 1200 joules of power out on location the move battery pack puts the Siros lighting into a new league of lighting unchallenged in the market.