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Aurora Fusion F-600 Pro Studio Flash

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Aurora Fusion F-600 Pro Studio Flash Stype Fit

Fusion is the most powerful in the Aurora flash systems featuring constant color temperature.The output is adjustable from 5Ws to 600Ws and is controlled from a large LED side panel " soft-touch" flash output and modeling light controls are also conveniently located on the side panel.Modeling light is controllable by slide fader at the back as well.
Equipped with auto-discharging circuit,over heating protection circuitry, it will protect photographers and flashes against any accidents and damages. Fusion offers the ultimate in control and predictability  of light output. Flash power output is stable within ±0.1% by using a 10bit microprocessor.



  • Daylight color temperature at 5500±100º
  • Accurate constant exposure
  • Digital Power display
  • Plug-in flash tube
  • Durable extruded aluminum case
  • Auto power dump
  • Modular circuit board design
  • Three modeling lamp modes
  • Fast acting fuse for modeling lamp
  • Visual flash confirmation
  • Flash ready indicator beep when charged
  • Fan cooled for extra reliability and stability
  • 5 volt sync circuit
  • One touch lock button
  • Rapid recycle time
  • Short flash duration
  • Compatible with all Aurora accessories


Power range 5~600Ws
Flash power vibration 1/192~full
Power increment 19 steps
Recharging time 0.3~1.5sec
Input voltage AC 120V 50/60Hz or AC 220V 50/60Hz
Safety Fuse 10AT
f-stop(min) 2m, ISO 100, T=1/125 2.05 f-stop
f-stop(max) 2m, ISO 100, T=1/125 32.4 f-stop
Flash duration(max, T=0.5) 1/1560 sec
Voltage vibration ±0.1%
color temperature 5500±100°K
Power display Digital display screen
Modeling lamp 300 W halogen lamp
Modeling control full/off/proportional/adjustable independently
Sync Voltage DC 5V
Trigger RF remote, Infrared remote,Synchro cord, Photo cell, test button
Dimension(cm) 18×13×36cm
Weight 3.2kg
Plug-in flashtube all models
Cooling fan all models
Overcharge condition power display screen flickers and auto dumps
Over temperature indication Over temperature indicator and flickers and alarm beeps
Completed with 300W modeling lamp,Power cord, Synchro cord
Protective cap, Spare fuse


Weight: 3.2 kg