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70cm Honeycomb Grid for Softlite Reflector / Beautydish

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Photogenic Glamour Reflector 70CM HONEYCOMB GRID Only

For those of you not familiar a grid simply allows you to control light fall off (aka Spill). They come in very handy when you need one. How often do you need one? That’s debatable. To use grids on studio lights for backlights and rim lights so you need to have better control and less chance of the light hitting lens or parts of the subject which you don’t want to have lit. Honey Comb provides professional photographers an easy and inexpensive way to produce dramatic lighting effects.

The Creative Honey Comb Grid reduces the angle of light to 50 degrees; they add additional control when you need to ensure light is only striking the subject or background where you want it. So they can be with you wherever your shooting schedule takes you. Attached to the Reflector with 3 clip secure locking system, they can be attached and removed very quickly.