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4mx4m Pantograph Ceiling Rail System Complete Kit, 2.5m Drop Pantograph

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£108.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

4m x 4m Pantograph Ceiling Rail System Complete Kit, with 2.5m Pantograph drop from ceiling to floor.

Pantograph Ceiling Rail System Complete Kit 4m x 4m including;
Pantograph drops x 4;
             Safety Load per extension Up to 18 lbs (8 kg)
             Extension weight 10 lbs (5kg) (each)
             Extension range from 15" (30cm) to 98" (250cm)
Fix Double track included in Package 2 (4m)
Moving Double track included in Package 3 (4m) 
Single Carriage Roller x 4 
Double Carriage Roller x 6
Cable Runner x 4
Wire Clip x 24
Flash Head Connector x 4
Safety Chain x 4
Ceiling mount plates x 6
Expansion bolts for fixing x 24
End stops x 10
         Excellent for all types of Tungsten and Strobe Lighting Systems.


Allow your lights to seamlessly glide along the rails hi above the studio floor with no risk

Using the over head railing system once it is set up enables you to move your studio lights to any place within the range of the rails. This means that you can move a light into an exact position without having to use conventional stands thus reducing any unwanted equipment appearing in the photo, freeing up your ability to produce professional lighting techniques easily and safely.

The over-head railing system also allows you to hang other items like background holders or reflectors. The current hi-key style with everything surrounded by white is made much easier with an over-head railing system, especially within a small studio space where lighting stands can be inconvenient and impractical. It reduces the amount of floor standing equipment making a safer ( no cable or stands to trip over ) and more professional environment. It also works well with an infinity curve. The lights can be moved easily by using the included pole to unlock the brake attaching the pantograph to the rail and gently rolling it into position whilst the rail that it's attached to stays in place. The pantographs allow the lights to move up and down on a ratchet device that can be easily unclipped to speed up the movement. The floating rail can also be moved easily as well should you wish, requiring the minimum of pressure. 

Get your lights off the floor and into the air with the complete studio rail system kit and spend less time grappling with heavy lights and more time producing creative images. The system has a wide range of applications within the bridal, portrait, advertising and video recording fields. This system is easy to install to the ceiling, giving you the flexibility of unlimited lighting placement coupled with weightless fluid movement and maximum studio operating space. This system is extremely cost-effective and has tremendous time-saving advantages and enhanced flexibility compared to traditional light stands.

This versatile light support system provides a lighting function that can be tailored to your requirements. It adapts to any 5/8" mount flash heads, monolights or tungsten units with or without soft boxes, umbrellas or reflectors. Whether you're creating a new setting or simply making adjustments, the rail system will allow rapid height adjustments and effortless directional light control thanks to unique counter balanced system.

This complete studio rail system kit or (overhead rack composite system) uses aluminium, double box girder shaped strips (which are "I" shaped in section) for its main and branch tracks.  It is most common for the tracks to be laid out in a "noughts and crosses" grid. Additional branch tracks can be added as well as extra ceiling rails and pantographs should the need arise to expand the system.

Once you try this studio system you'll never go back to stands again.