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4 Channel On Camera Flash Radio Wireless Trigger Kit

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Speedlite Wireless Radio Flash Trigger Kit Hot Shoe Mount


Kit includes:

1 x radio transmitter
1 x radio receiver/trigge  
Battery for Transmitter


Channels: 4
Range: 20m
Power Source (Receiver): 2x AAA batteries per receiver (not included)
Power Source (Transmitter): 1 x 23A Battery (included)
Triggering Voltage: 5.1 volts
Triggering Mount: Hot Shoe
Receiver Mount: Mounts onto 3/8" Screw Thread
Recycle Time: < 0.3 second
Sync Speed: Up to 1/125 second
Warranty: 12 months

This radio slave transmitter with two receivers is designed with a LOW triggering voltage (5.1v) for the compact flash using a radio signal. The low voltage is safe for all digital and film cameras. This receiver also works with all flash units, including Canon Speedlites.

The transmitter, powered by a 12-volt pre-installed (type 23A) battery, has a standard hot shoe mount that can be mounted and triggered from the camera's hot shoe. The unit also has a standard PC connection for photographers who wish to connect by PC sync. The PC connection is especially helpful for use with a flash meter. The test button enables triggering of the portable compact flash untis without firing the camera, useful for metering. The transmitter has a sleep mode function when in standby. With super low power consumption the unit can trigger some 20,000 times continuously with one battery.

The receivers included with the kit allow operation of portable compact flash units simultaneously without the concern of other cameras accidently firing the units, great for weddings where other people are using flashes. The built-in tripod mount on each receiver allows the portable compact flash units to be mounted directly to a tripod or light stand for easy placement. Each unit is powered by 2x user replaceable AAA batteries. Additional receivers can be purchased separately.

Wireless triggering of flash is becoming the new standard for firing you flash/strobe lights when using them off the camera hot shoe. Freeing you from the limit of wires which only allow you to position the flashgun to the extent that the wire extends and the issue of wires being in the picture and the danger of someone tripping. Our wireless system uses a radio frequency to trigger the flash which is also better than infrared triggers and slave cells because it does not need to be in line of sight to trigger the flash.

With multiple channels you can turn different flashes off and on from the camera position. Also if someone else is using the radio trigger in the same area as you you can both use different channels to avoid firing each other’s flashes.