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3x6m High Key Backdrop kit

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This kit gives you all you need to create your highkey full length backdrop.
The cross bar and stands make an easy to use frame strong enough to support your high key white seamless vinyl.

The Vinyl 3 x 6meteres is perfect for creating that seamless finish for both portraiture and product photography. 

With a couple of additional clamps thrown in for good measure, these will help you secure the backdrop in place before shooting.



Triple layered, Colour mixed Professional Vinyl/Canvas backdrop 750gsm
Colour: Arctic White
Width: 3m                    Length: 6m                   Weight 14kg
Aluminium Core Diameter 4cm
Aluminium Core Length overhangs approx 2cm


750gsm Vinyl rolled onto aluminium core


Simple to use, clean and store, simply unroll this seamless backdrop time and time again for your shoot, once finished wipe clean any footprints or dirt and roll back up ready for storage.

Our new triple layered Vinyl/Canvas backdrop is a first of its kind it has been specially designed by the photographer for the photographer.

Firstly the vinyl is mixed with the colours providing a fade proof finish, this is then produced at the required size giving a smooth base, this smooth base of vinyl is then twice coated firstly with a canvas treatment giving the material strength and texture, this is then coated again with a second layer of vinyl sandwiching the canvas treatment to create a wipe clean surface that is super durable.

The slight texture mixed with the vinyl’s matt finish helps to evenly disperse light, making this background incredibly versatile to work with in many different lighting techniques.

Key Features

Super durable 750gsm
Heel damage proof
Wipe clean surface
Supplied on an aluminium core to keep crease free
Ready rolled to use with most background systems
Matt textured finish - Distributes light evenly
Colour mixed vinyl to minimising fade
Should be used with clamps and on a secure background system
Studio Safe - Fire retardant
Shipped in cardboard packaging ideal for storage


Pro Secured Heavy Duty Background Support Stand kit 

The heavy duty support stand kit is a versatile heavy duty light stand that extends to 12 feet.
BackDrop Pole
Extends to 12 feet, 6 inches. Easy secured clip lock
The BackDrop Pole is a 4 crossbar-unit with that constructs easily with a clip lock and add crossbar to extend each section and another lock in place. The Pole stores collapsed at 90cm. The Pole extends to 12' 6".

This kit comes with its own durable carry bag.

 Stable LiteStands for secure setup
    * LiteStands extend to 3mt'
    * LiteStand height allows for long backdrops and low angle shooting
    * BackDrop Pole is easy to extend and compress
    * BackDrop Pole extends to 12' 6"
    * Easy to setup and teardown

ProDuty BackDrop Support Kit

      2 - LiteStands
    *          Sections                - 2
    *          Height                  - 3mt
    *          Weight                 - 5kg
    *          Closed Length       - 110cm
    *          Leg Spread           - 3'5" (108cm)
    *          Maximum Load      - 40 lbs (18kg)

      1 - BackDrop Pole

    *          Open Length Max   - 11' 8" (360cm)
    *          Open Length Min   - 5'9" (180cm)
    *          Closed Length       - 4' x 99cm

      Carry Bag