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Working with wind

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This image was produced at the Photovision Roadshow in Croke Park Dublin
During the midday point of the show we sent the model PiyanuchChanphet.com | Modeling off for an outfit change, upon her return she came back with these fantastic trails coming away from her dress. 

Immediately my mind was ticking and the wind machines both came out for use, the black backdrop was rolled down to full length. 
I head on my overhead railing system a 3 light set up, I used 2 side lights with directional reflectors and honeycomb grids attached to allow me to shape my model but not spill any light onto the background or even Piya's hair, as I wanted the blue to create the contrast against the backdrop as opposed to pulling the model off the background with traditional RIM lighting techniques. For my main light I used a large silver softlight reflector, this allowed me to pick the detail up in the complimentary blue lashes, without the need to overexpose the face.
I then moved my wind machines into position, for the direction I used the large high powered wind machine and for the height I used the directional spot wind machine.  The high powered machine was mounted at approx waist height as I didn't need movement in the hair this pushed the trailing material from the dress, however due to the quantity and weight of material it was falling too far, so I then used the spot wind machine very low to the ground and directing up to keep the material flowing where I wanted it to create the image I was after.

This shot is more or less direct off camera with a minor adjustment to the levels in Lightroom as it is more about using the correct tools for the desired results than my ability to post process an image.

Light kit that was used on the day was the Coreflash CF-D300 a 300W/s head that was 3 heads all running at approx 2/3 power and this managed to overpower any ambient light that was there.

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