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Aurora FBL-600 Pro Studio Flash

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 Fusion Boom light is a unique system shich consists of a separate control unit and flash head.
The control unit and flash head are connected with a cable so the photographer can place thef flash head where he wants while controlling the power output from another position.

  • Daylight color temperature at 5500±100º
  • Accurate constant exposure
  • Digital Power display
  • Plug-in flash tube
  • Durable extruded aluminum case
  • Auto power dump
  • Modular circuit board design
  • Three modeling lamp modes
  • Fast acting fuse for modeling lamp
  • Visual flash confirmation
  • Flash ready indicator beep when charged
  • Fan cooled for extra reliability and stability
  • 5 volt sync circuit
  • One touch lock button
  • Rapid recycle time
  • Short flash duration
  • Compatible with all Aurora accessories
  • 8pin 3.5m long connection cable included
Power range 5~600Ws
Flash power vibration 1/192~full
Power increment 19 steps
Recharging time 0.3~1.5sec
Input voltage AC 120V 50/60Hz or AC 220V 50/60Hz
Safety Fuse 10AT
"f-stop2m, ISO 100, T=1/125 2.05 f-stop
"f-stop2m, ISO 100, T=1/125 32.4 f-stop
Flash duration(max, T=0.5) 1/1560 sec
Voltage vibration ±0.1%
color temperature 5500±100°K
Power display Digital display screen
Modeling lamp 300 W halogen lamp
Modeling control full/off/proportional/adjustable independently
Sync Voltage DC 5V
Trigger RF remote, Infrared remote,Synchro cord, Photo cell, test button
Dimension(cm) 18×13×36cm
Weight 3.2kg
Plug-in flashtube all models
Cooling fan all models
Overcharge condition power display screen flickers and auto dumps
Over temperature indication Over temperature indicator and flickers and alarm beeps
Connection cable 8pin / 3.5m length
Completed with 300W modeling lamp,Power cord, Synchro cord
Protective cap, Spare fuse